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God's church structure, Government, and Fivefold ministry
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Most churches are governed and function differently from what our Holy Bible example portrays. Many

and particularly the "Full Gospel, Pentecostal, or Charismatic," churches whether independent or

denominational, are getting familiar with the term "Fivefold Ministry." Few genuinely understand the full

scope of what this term should involve. Most limit this term to mean that today, along with the normally

accepted evangelists and pastors, we also have legitimate apostle, prophet, and teacher ministry callings.

This truth must ultimately include the expectation of the church body ministry.

The five callings are given to mature the church for their ministry, in order to be edified by “every joint supplies” (Eph. 4:12-16).

The existence of the five ministry callings has not been discerned, understood, and neglected. The

damage and loss to Kingdom building is severe due to this ignored truth. We must study and discern the

reasons for this. The functioning of ministries within the church, including "church body" ministry is rarely

comparable to what we read about in the New Testament portrayal of church and “body” ministry.

This book "Fivefold Apostle Church Building," is written with the specific purpose of addressing this

much needed Bible truth. Our Lord Jesus Christ gave and continually gives His desired five differing

ministry callings. These should be discerned, function, and flow together in building Christ’s church.

"Reformation," believers like Calvin, Luther, Wesley and others initiated what we esteem as a past

church reformation. Fivefold ministry believers are those who see and pursue to correct what is still

lacking. We must correct all error to establish Christ’s desired church. This strongly involves a lack of

knowledge and implementation of same, as to receiving and embracing Christ’s ministry callings and

desired government. Our Lord gave five differing callings to mankind for the entire church age. Fivefold

ministry reformation is a pursuit to bring correction to what scripturally should be in ministry.

When this reformation truth pursuit is complete, we will have churches that look like and identifies with

what the book of Acts and the Bible New Testament church and ministry portray. This book is written to

understand how a scriptural church ministry and interrelationships are to function. This reformation truth

cannot be accomplished without a correct doctrine and application of the truth about a separate and

experiential “baptism of the Holy Spirit,” resulting in the manifestation of gifts of the Spirit.

The broad array of topics involved to bring understanding must include:

 How do we discern the genuine "call of God" to a Christ appointed ministry?

 Theological evidence of the existence of all of the five Christ given "gift" ministries today.

 Believing and receiving of the scriptural experience of “the baptism in the Holy Spirit."

 How to identify the unique five ministry callings of Ephesians 4:8,11.

 Why evangelical "born again" churches including Pentecostal, lack this understanding.

 Eldership and "Fivefold" ministry, a holy scriptural multiple ministry.

 Eldership, their responsibility, accountability, and authority.

What Is The Call of God to Ministry?
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A detailed panoramic writing explaining what the genuine call of God involves within the ministry. All must understand the “fivefold ministry callings”, a multiple eldership and your ministry.


The call of God is an appointment of Jesus Christ. The evidence of the call, results from the Holy Spirit working within the individual. This will cause a burden of heart. This will be an expression of the heart of Jesus Christ for His church and people. The result is a driving force from within, as worship of Christ to build His church.


When one acts upon this “burden of heart” a growing ministry vision will result. This will be as a magnetic pull to accomplish ministry. This book will give all ministries insight to effectively answer the “call of God”.

Is There Life After Divorce?
CDR cover.jpg

Many churches and believers deeply struggle with this topic. This writing sets out the correct Biblical rules and guidelines to guide believers, how they should deal with marriage problems to hopefully avoid a divorce. This book focusses on the Bible doctrinal truths involved in both Bible acceptable divorce and remarriage theology. This book provides a mental surgery of understanding, how we are to follow Bible textual rules of engagement to resolve conflict.

There are Christ given directions to resolve relational conflict, which are rarely applied. These need to be taught by churches and ministry. Due to a lack in this pursuit, many Christians experience needless divorces. This problem is magnified due to the majority of churches having an none-biblical and limited ministry structure. It takes much time to genuinely shepherd people through difficulties and issue resolution. This will require teaching the applicable scriptures and the setting out of the conduct rules that apply to a godly love in a marriage commitment. So much heartache can be alleviated.

The two groups of people who are my target purchasers are; the Christian believers who struggle with resolving marriage problems, then also the church leadership who oversee sincere believers.

Doctrinal Truths

If we love Christ, fellow believers and to be effective in serving our God as worship unto Him, we must know the five major Christian doctrines that divide the world churches.

Our soul and salvation of man is too important, for us to indulge in ignorance of these five doctrinal truths that destroy the ‘one body’ of Christ, and limits what the world sees by ‘the church’.

Our Lord wants all men to be saved. To further this, with the love of God and man, all should know the truth of:

  • The fivefold church ministry government.

  • An experiential baptism of the Holy Spirit.

  • Real baptisms truth destroys infant baptism.

  • If born of the Spirit and saved, can we lose our salvation?

  • The vital and essential need for holiness.

The author has ministered in several countries and especially in the Philippines, with church planting, conferences, writing books and manuals to further ‘fivefold’ ministry churches.

ChristisComing_cover front.jpg

Their order of events Proceeding Christ’s second coming



• Prophetically: Where are we right now?

• A sure knowledge of Christ’s coming and the 7th trumpet.

• Eight Bible prophesied events before Christ comes.


• Israel destroys attacking enemy nations, taking land.

• Israel dwelling at rest, without needing defenses.

• The coming battle of Armageddon.

• Joel’s prophesied latter rain outpouring, and army.

• Supernatural signs in the heavens, the sea waves roaring with a darkened sun and moon. Stars falling.

• Israel massively accepting Christ as their Messiah.

• The prophesied great falling away of the church.

• Antichrist and his coming reign.


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