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What is the call of God to ministry?

​A detailed textual panoramic writing explaining what the call of God to ministry entails and how this works within the called. Understanding the differing "fivefold" callings, eldership, and your ministry...

The call to the ministry is an appointment of Jesus Christ. The evidence of that calling is a work of the Holy Spirit within the individual. The result of that work will be a burden of the heart. This burden of the heart is an expression of the heart of Jesus Christ for His church and His people, a driving force from within motivating the individual to enter into ministry work.

As one follows and acts on the "burden of the heart," he or she will experience a growing ministry vision. This burden and vision will draw them, as a magnetic pull, into the work of the ministry. All of this is a Christ-appointed work. This book outlines many insights the minster should know to effectively answer the ministry call.


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God's church structure, government, and Fivefold ministry.​

The book "Fivefold Ministry Churches," is written with specific purpose. This book addresses Bible truth, in the continuing pursuit of what we name the "Reformation," initiated with believers like Calvin Luther and others. When this reformation and truth pursuit is complete, we will have a church which looks like and identifies with what the book of Acts and the Bible New Testament portrays. Most churches are governed and function differently from what our holy written bible example portrays. Many "Full Gospel, Pentecostal or Charismatic" churches whether independent or denominational are getting familiar with the term "Fivefold Ministry." Few genuinely understand the full scope of what this term should involve. Many limit this term to mean that we have legitimate apostle, prophets and teachers today, along with the normally accepted evangelists and pastors. As much as this understanding is true, the functioning of ministries within the church, including "church body" ministry is rarely understood or applied.This book is written for those who desire to understand a comprehensive overview of how the church ministry and interrelationships are to function. The broad array of topics involved to bring understanding as to what should be must include:

  • What is the evidence of the genuine "call of God" to a Christ appointed ministry.

  • Theological evidence of the existence of all of the five Christ given "gift" ministries today.

  • How to identify the unique five ministry callings of Ephesians 4:8,11.

  • Why evangelical "born again" churches (some Pentecostal) are limited in this understanding.

  • Eldership and "Fivefold" ministry, a holy multiple ministry.

  • Eldership responsibility, accountability and authority.

  • Lacking doctrinal understandings.

  • Kingdom vision versus empire vision, the idolization of one's ministry.

  • Basis of a functional Fivefold ministry, esteeming and discerning Christ and the Holy Spirit.

  • The ministry of the believer.

  • Church and ministry finances, per the New Testament.

  • Holiness and judgment in the church body.

Out of a love for Christ, His vision and passion when He said, "I will build my church," and the genuine people of God, this book is written. The author has a strong desire to see "the church" function as and become what our scriptural pattern portrays.

Apostle John DeVries


A scriptural exposition to gain greater knowledge of God's purpose for divorce and remarriage.

What does the Bible reveal about God's intention for divorce and remarriage? Does one commit sin by divorcing and remarrying? What is church leadership's role in divorce and remarriage? Are the common church teachings limited in this subject?

To have peace and hope in the midst of marriage problems, Christians must know how they stand before the Lord and how He views their decisions and dealings. Peace after divorce and before remarriage is impossible without an understanding of scriptural truth.

In A Guide to Christian Divorce and Remarriage: A Scriptural Exposition, John DeVries investigates divorce and remarriage for Christians. You will gain a greater understanding of this sensitive topic through DeVries's research into:

  • The causes of divorce
  • The scriptural evidence of God's intention for divorce and remarriage
  • The church's responsibility in divorce and remarriage
  • And the duty of the remarried Christian in their new marriage

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