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John and Siony DeVries have been married for 22 years, and currently live in Idaho.  John is a Canadian citizen with a 39 year back ground of continued ministry involvement. These early ministry growth experiences include gospel tract distribution, opening teen centers, subsequent travels and functioning in his ministry calling of an apostle. This ministry included functioning as a pastor in several churches in Canada and the USA.  It also included overseas ministry, leadership seminars and gospel work, especially in the Pacific Rim.


Siony received Christ at a Women’s Aglow function in 1981.  She met John when he was speaking at a ministry conference in 1991. Her past ministry involved being a Board member and President of a Women’s Aglow chapter for a number of years. Since their marriage in 1992, John and Siony have ministered at gospel functions in Canada, the Philippines and in Post Falls Idaho. Overseas they have ministered at numerous leadership conferences, primarily dealing with understanding of fivefold ministry principles. They have a strong bond and share responsibilities with their covenant apostle relationship in the Philippines, Ernesto Balili, who oversees a large number of churches and two Bible Schools.



John is called and confirmed as a fivefold ministry apostle.  Siony is a called and ordained prophetess, functioning as a prophetic intercessor.


Both John and Siony have a strong desire to see “the church” function with fivefold truths and realities. Part of their burden is to teach doctrine and ministry principles to those whom the Lord has brought them, and currently mentor ministries in four countries.


They strongly believe that the church will be restored to functioning as the Book of Acts portrays. This will be a church where there is no spirit of competition, only a genuine esteeming of a multiple eldership ministry.  The authority government order will be as stated in

1 Corinthians 12:18 and apostle led.  All of the elders and ministries will be in submission with humility one to another.  The ministry of the believer will be expected and respected.


Their ministry currently has three books available: A Guide to Christian Divorce and Remarriage, Fivefold Ministry Churches, and A Christ Appointed Ministry.  Two other books are in progress, including: Once Saved Always Saved scrutinized, and Doctrinal Manual for Fivefold Churches.


John has been teaching Fivefold Ministry principles since 1990. The Lord has shown him that the church will be restored and a worldwide tremendous revival will follow this, regardless of an eventual “falling away” prior to Christ’s second coming. Their heart’s focus is to see all Christians mature and be blessed.  May all be fruitful with kingdom blessings, along with and under the umbrella of “may Christ Jesus be glorified”!




Apostle John & Prophetess Siony DeVries

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